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When you get in trouble at Hyde School, you go "out to work" or on 2-4 where you spend all day doing manual labor and community service to "think" about what you made a mistake about. You get shit on by all faculty and are looked down upon by the head of school. Students in deans area "proctor" the students on 2-4 even if they are breaking ethics but just aren't getting caught. You have to sit at a different table than everyone, you can't talk to anyone, and you have these awful bootcamp workouts you have to do. And then you have a 3.5 hour "study hall" thats also proctored where kids dont do shit.
"Why you on 2-4?"
"I had brothers keeper on Eliza smoking a cig..."
by billy98798 November 29, 2012
Hyde School is a shitty ass place where kids are forced to sit around in "seminars" where they just get shit on by faculty. It supposedly teaches you truth over harmony, and how to be honest, but when you tell the head of school that you hate it there and don't want to be there they just shit on you even more. Most faculty there are straight out of college and are extremely inadequate and unprofessional teachers. Teachers pick favorites so often your practically used to it after a couple months. They will let the "hyde suck ups" do what they want, but any struggling kid isn't allowed. They have a "no expulsion policy" but thats bullshit too, because they tell people they don't want them coming back. There are pounds of substances in total on the campus. Kids have brought weed, alcohol, cigs, e-cigs, trippy sticks, oxys, vicodin, heroin, coke, shrooms, and many other drugs on campus. Most of them either got suspended and came back, or just went on "2-4". 95% of the student population is either coming from rehab, wilderness, addiction problems, or getting kicked out of their old school. Its like Hyde just puts a bunch of struggling kids together at a school, treats them as fuck ups, and then expects them to change and be good and accept the principles of Brothers Keeper, and follow the "ethics". If you're parents want to send you there, please have them read this...
Peter: "I wasn't even that high"
Welch: "YOUR ON 2-4"
by billy98798 January 09, 2013

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