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Go to your girlfriends house and do her in the butt with no condom when your done, dont shower or anything. Then call up your ex. girlfriend and hae her give you a blow job.
Im pretty pissed at my ex. amanda so i think im gonna give her the Dirty Bell.
by billy jean sue November 08, 2005
when your doing a girl from behind, you pull out stick both pointer fingers in her butt and then give her a double fish hook.
yesterday, i was at ashleys and while we were going at it i gave her the fish hook freddie.
by billy jean sue November 08, 2005
probably the sweetest people on earth. everyone wants to be one, but they can't. only a few left in civilization. if you ever spot one they'll be wearing a backwards hat with hair sticking out the front, holey jeans that are also floods, a tank top from 1970 and an awesome special necklace.
Man trying to find a sweet kid is like trying to find big foot or the lochness monster, its so hard.
by billy jean sue November 08, 2005
When your doing a girl from behind start humming the brady bunch song, and when she turns around donkey punch her in the nose and say Now you'll never be a teen model.
You should see danille yesterday i gave her The Marcia Brady it was awesome.
by billy jean sue November 08, 2005

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