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In spanish the "j" sounds like an "h" so its like "hahahaha" but spelled the spanish kind of way "jajajaja".
Person A, Person B

A: *tells joke*
B: LOL!! Jajajaja!
A: Yay! I'm funny!
by billy bob kozminski May 02, 2006
a. A trick in skateboarding, where you ollie then spin the board 180 degrees under your feet and land.
b.Can also be used to amuse your friends
c. or impress people.
d.or as a bad term
a. I can do a pop shuvit
b.She's such a pop shuv it
c. I can pop shuvit and you can't
d.Don't have a pop shuvit up your ass
by billy bob kozminski May 13, 2006

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