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A way of dumping an unwanted guest before Thanksgiving dinner by instead taking the guy over to a crappy burger joint such as McDonald's.
Instead of getting invited over for Thanksgiving dinner I got the burger dump.
by billthecat February 06, 2009
A loud, rude, flatuation sound, made with the anus (similar to raspberry).
You would expect the occasional blackberry from some of the investors at the RIM stockholder's meeting.
by billthecat November 12, 2012
Short for "Tubby Seatmate Asshole".

The situation where after standing in line for hours at the airport because of TSA security regulations you find out after finally boarding the plane that your seatmate is a fat slob such as Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob, Michael Moore, or Rob Reiner who are so hefty that they require a stick of butter in order to squeeze in between the armrests.
Flying Southwest Airlines lessens the chance of having a TSA.
by billthecat February 17, 2010
Short for "butt plug".
A BP is used to stop stop any oil or lubricants from leaking out the orifice.
by billthecat July 05, 2010

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