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To pass someone over in order to wait for someone else better to come along. Common practice in both dating and job interviews.
After the job interview the company decided to holdout and interview more candidates.
by billthecat January 18, 2010
A short period of time. Pertains to the amount of time a ceasefire lasts when rogue elements continue to attack civilians on the other side.
This ceasefire won't last a Gaza Strip minute.
by billthecat November 21, 2012
To test a questionable concept by taking it forward to see if it passes or fails.

From the practice of throwing cooked spaghetti against a wall to see if it sticks and thus fully cooked and ready to eat.
The unpaid intern passed the spaghetti test when he satisfactory performed the job even though he was not qualified to do so.
by billthecat February 09, 2010
The world's largest manufacturer of the lubricant petroleum jelly.
British Petroleum gave everyone the shaft.
by billthecat June 21, 2010
To remove new urban dictionary definitions the day they appear, particularly when online bullies add definitions which contain full names. Such quick action prevents such terms being indexed in other sites.
Unfortunately when you play urban dictionary whack-a-mole you're limited to removing only five definitions per day.
by billthecat November 07, 2012
In the Canadian army a new recuit who's green beret has such an exaggerated peak for the cap badge that it makes him look like the Art Clokey claymation figure.
A gumby doesn't know his left foot from his right foot.
by billthecat January 12, 2010
An adult puppeteer who has an exclusive sexual interest towards adolescent boys who are fans of Tickle-Me-Elmo.
Kevin Clash is an Elmo-phile.
by billthecat November 20, 2012
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