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8 definitions by billrepps

Sympathy Design - When you feel sorry for a designer and just do the design for them.
That designer is so clueless that someone should just do a sympathy design just to get it done.
by billrepps December 13, 2009
Bleaklies - More than one bleakly that are combined into one.
When the boss has to combine everyone's weeklies with all of these bleaklies we will all be going down.
by billrepps December 13, 2009
Intruncation is a truncation 'inside' a string of characters.
Inane is an intruncation of insane. A letter or more is truncated from the middle of a word or string of characters.
by billrepps August 12, 2009
Bleakly - A weekly report given to the boss that contains bad news.
I am definitely going down when the boss gets this bleakly.
by billrepps December 13, 2009
Waiting for your computer to write to disk.
How long do I have to sit here byteing time waiting for this file to write to disk?
by billrepps August 18, 2009
Intruncate is to truncate a string of characters from the 'inside' not the begining or end.
Often, computer naming conventions are limited to a specific amount of characters and the beginging and the end need to be maintained for understanding and/or to keep a certain naming convention.
Intruncate that 20 character string to 15 characters so it will fit in the allotted space and maintain the original intent.
by billrepps August 13, 2009
Weeklies - Multiple reports given to the boss known as a weekly.
My boss has to combine everyone's weeklies to do his weekly for his boss.
by billrepps December 13, 2009