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Informal exclamation, intended to have the feeling of a Japanese samurai declaring war on an enemy.
The samurai turned, raised his weapon and screamed, "Hiyakaza!" at the top of his lungs before attacking his challenger.
by billphoto May 30, 2009
Slang for marijuana. Derived from "wacky tobacco"
If you put the ice cream away in the dishwasher, better stop smokin' the wacky tabacki!
by billphoto May 30, 2009
Gish-gosh: exclamation, informal; used to express surprise or give emphasis; informally used as a euphemism for God; the word "gish" is used by Jewish people as a substitute for "gosh", which is a substitute for "God".
In Utah, the mormons say "Oh my heck!" - but in Oregon, the hip people say, "Oh my gish-gosh!"
by billphoto May 30, 2009
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