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3 definitions by billios

this is a great word that i like and it sound realli good if u come up wit a good idea add it
i love my word intermafloogle
by billios May 30, 2004
1 15
completely stupid idea some ppl actually think its gd others jus like the sign and think its cool to like it
wow that anarchy sign looks realli cool lets promote it
by billios June 01, 2004
12 47
an extremely cool instrumant that i try 2 play but dont do v well but gd things do come to those who wait every1 plays it tho it is annoyin i shudve lerned bass cus its easier and not many ppl play it 4 all those ppl who say its a babe magnet u might b rite and i can always hope
i play guitar but im not as good as people that i know as mi mother is 2 lazy 2 get me lessons so i jus hav 2 lern off mi sis m8 it is sooooooooooo annoyin
by billios June 01, 2004
14 202