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Dave Grohl is a very talented man. He used to be in a grunge band called Nirvana and played the shit out the drums on the album 'Nevermind'. He was a few years younger than Kurt Cobain when he was in Nirvana. Then Kurt died and Dave found himself in a band called the Foo Fighters who have made some very good albums that i'd like to go out to HMV and buy !!!! He also used to play drums in another band called Queens of the Stone Age but i don't know if he still plays drums for them. If you ever see QOTSA's video for 'No one Knows' (a kick-ass song !!!) You'll see Dave beating the crap out of the drums !!!
Some people say that Dave is HOT !!! I am one of those people but personally, i prefer him in his Nirvana days when he had long hair and would go onstage semi-naked !!! But I don't mind how he looks now !!!
I also hear that Dave played the devil in the video to 'Tribute' by
Tenacious D. He's also a BIG inspiration to me and my friends !!!
Dave Grohl has been in three bands
1. Nirvana
2. Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA)
3. Foo Fighters

My cousin is only 11 but he likes the Foo Fighters. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised when I tell him that Dave used to play drums in Nirvana !!!!!!

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