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Person addicted to amphetamine sulphates (and a damn fine band!)
He's a motorhead
by Billie Joe Armstrong August 11, 2003
To play guitar fast with technical skill, but no feeling
Anything by Yngwie Malmsteen
by Billie Joe Armstrong August 11, 2003
fuck yea!! kut u up r a band who work their ass off, just as any starting up band does. they hav one album, and a website, aswell as having gone on the pop disaster tour in 2002 (to their name) their music is the most random stuff u hav ever heard, but its hilarious
whoever dnt like them fuck off! because u dnt kno wat its like to start up a band- and try and make it!
by billie joe armstrong April 07, 2005
- a bogan, a fool. a person who is one of those
"stop it you stooge!"
"ya stooge"
by billie joe armstrong April 06, 2005
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