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People originated from Hong Kong.
A term used by people in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Some people do not like to be called Hongkies, and people from Hong Kong are not formally called by any names. In contrast to the term Londoner or New Yorker, Honger would mean something different. And living in the United States for 7 years, people in US consider Honky to mean something else.

Background info: As a person born and raised in Hong Kong, living in Singapore for a year exposed me to the term Hongkie for the first time, and people labelled me with this term. Usually people are also cautious when they say Hongkie in front of me, as some people regard this as offensive. In fact, the term has no negative meaning. People are probably sorry because of the same pronunciation as Honky.
Are you a Hongkie?
Do you mind people calling you Hongkie?
by billhungdotnet January 18, 2011

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