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Hair that is green. Don't see it as much nowadays.
I met this girl down in Hollywood, she had green hair but damn, she looked good! I took her to my house cause she was fine, till she whooped out a dick that was bigger than mine! - Afroman, Colt 45
by billcrosby January 07, 2005
1. A derogatory term, synonymous with the words wussy, pansy, etc., except much more malicious in nature. Its origin can be traced back to Martin Sucokkie, the little-known American general of the Vietnam war who supposively boasted of how he could signle-handedly defeat the Vietnamise. But when actually given troops and sent into battle, he had a panic and purportedly shat all over the place, while his leaderless troops were overtaken, and he himself was eventually captured. However, he bargained with the Vietnamise that if they were to let him go free, he would give them the location of one of the biggest U.S. barracks in Vietnam - terms that the Vietnamise agreed to. They released him, and hundreds died because of his treachery. Sucokkie went on to live an upper-class life in the Florida Keys after winning a 3 million dollar lottery that truly was not his, before dying at the age of 91. His last words were, "If I had to do it again, I'd do it all the same way." For anyone who knows more about history than what is taught in school textbooks, Sucokkie is about as derogatory a term as you can get.

2. One who plays computer games all day and all night, usually characterized by their use of leet speak. See also noob and newbie.

3. A female rhinoserous.
1. That sucokkie just stole my purse! Somebody stop him!

2. Computer nerd: d00d i r t3h pwnz0r j00 in 7h15 g4m3 cuz u r is r t3h N00Bi3!!!!!!1!!2!!!13!!!232!!111
Person: Die, sucokkie.

3. The sucokkie snorted menacingly, warning the spectators to keep their distance.
by billcrosby August 17, 2004
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