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Originally a fairly cool kid, who wore, did and listened to what they pleased. Dressed in anything that looked cool, from skinny jeans to loose jeans, to established branded polo shirts such as lyle and scott to newer fashions such as allsaints or any make that they personally like. Listened to older bands such as the smiths or more recent bands such as KOL or radiohead. Generally they didn't really care about other peoples opinions apart from their friends. However recently the definition has somewhat changed; Indie kids generally try too hard to be "indie" and try to be different, inadvertently becoming the same as other "indies". The new age indie generally waste a lot of time trying to launch hate campaigns emo's on facebook and the internet, bad-mouthing people who have different tatses and styles.
Examples of different attitudes to other people between new age and old age indies:

Indie kid 1: Oh, have you seen those people listening to top 40 and look at their clothes, they have no individuality!
Indie kid 2: I know, why can't everyone be so unique like us!

(Old school) indie kid 1: Hey, there actually seems to be one or two catchy songs with a beat coming out of the top 40 these days!
(Old school) indie kid 2: yeah, admitedly that kid has a fairly cool shirt too!
by bill789 November 10, 2010
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