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To die in jail from natural causes before a guilty verdict can be reached.
Because it took so long to arrest him and the trial carried on for years Slobodan Milosevic was able to take the Serbian exit.
by Bill the Cat April 23, 2008
Someone who expects something for nothing.
Many hippies come from upper class families and mooch off their parents all the way through grad school. They then become teachers or full tenured professors. Thus they never have worked a day in their lives.
by bill the cat September 10, 2008
Soggy toast considered inferior to crisp American toast.
How's your French toast dear?
Soggy and ungrateful. But this American toast is a-okay.
by Bill the Cat May 27, 2008
Someone who eats, roots and leaves!
A double entendre Australians use to describe their sexual prowess.
I caught my wife with a koala bear.
by Bill the Cat May 13, 2008
The word "friend" and when a girlfriend ever utters it you are ultimately dumped.
My girlfriend said the f-word last might.
by Bill the Cat May 10, 2008
To destroy and hide any evidence of guilty conduct before leaving.
Before leaving the enclave troops took the Serbian exit by burning down all the buildings and burying all the bodies in an unmarked mass grave.
by Bill the Cat April 29, 2008
A small shuttle bus used to transport lesser known VIPs not important enouph to merit a limousine service.
On Parliament Hill in Ottawa the lesser known politicians travel around by short bus.
by Bill the Cat April 29, 2008

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