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68 definitions by bill the cat

To make a mad dash to the bathroom after getting sick from eating at the Taco Bell.
I had to do a taco run after eating that shit.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
9 10
A vampire whose first feeding was on animal blood, who will always need animal blood to live.
A carouche is not to be confused with a Vegetarian Vampire and is considered a lower class of vampire. The character Screed from the Forever Knight tv series was such a vampire who fed on rats.
by bill the cat November 21, 2008
2 4
To get dumped early in a relationship just as it's becoming physical.
I got tagged at first shortly after trying to get a goodnight kiss.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
1 3
A euphemism for bullshit which was a popular t-shirt slogan during the 1970s.
This is nothing but bullshirt.
by Bill the Cat May 22, 2008
4 7
A chastity belt jealous husbands made their women wear during the Middle Ages.
A Spanish padlock guards the women's virtue while her husband is off to fight in the Crusades.
by Bill the Cat May 14, 2008
1 4
The post WW2 pattern decline of British workmanship due to industrial unrest and labour strikes.
Margaret Thatcher cured England of the British Disease during the 1980s.
by Bill the Cat May 06, 2008
9 12
Short for "Young Urban Marxist". A former marxist who now has a high paying public service job with a great pension plan and full benefits. Like their yuppie counterparts they live in big houses and drive big SUVs while still complaining how the system is still sticking it to the poor.
Yummies try to save the environment by using canvas bags while driving their SUVs to the organic supermarket.
by Bill the Cat May 01, 2008
7 10