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in comparison to the word horrible, means a female who is very open towards casual sexual relations.

joe: hows my chances with jess?
dick: really good dude, shes whore-able.
joe: really?
dick: oh ya, I boink'd her last night.
by bill leboubon June 12, 2007
g(golf) company, or g coy is a section of military camp, or the band, super slack, and very sexual. hated by all other aspects of the military, the band is off on there own.
dude: where u going this year?
guy: g company
dude: really? get away from me u freak!!!
guy: sure, but i'll be getting all the pussy :P
by bill leboubon June 12, 2007
originating in pasadena Newfoundland, this word is similar to packing/humping, usually directed towards the anus by another male, while still covered by clothing.
grease: hahahaha!
bill: what?
grease: i just pac sun'd george in the locker room..
bill: nice!
by bill leboubon June 12, 2007
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