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30 definitions by bill gates

to violently wack off
Jims mom caught him flogging the dolphin
by bill gates February 06, 2003
219 42
Sexy, hot, wanted, desired man
Like the guy you dream about!
by Bill Gates September 07, 2003
223 105
vaginal cleaning device "also spelled douche"
by bill gates March 19, 2003
53 24
A elite business man, owns many corporations.
Dude, your not like Harjit!
by Bill Gates December 29, 2003
52 31
Fan of Microsoft's game console. They prefer to suckle from Bill's cock whenever possible.
Yo nigga, you see that new Xbox game??

Yeah, it was cool. Not as good as suckling from Bill's johnson though.
by Bill Gates June 12, 2004
40 21
A poorly engineered and poorly designed computer made by apple, it has been proved that only 3% of all emacs will ever successfully play a whole dvd while the other 97% will either freez, or pretend that the disc has not been cleaned, the only reason why the emac is considered to be the best computer in the world is because it has less cord, also see white shit box pooltoy or bill clinton
yo dude isn't that one of the original 1943 game boy's?
Nah man this is an emac
by bill gates September 05, 2004
56 44
The world’s greatest and largest source for Xbox related information, including software hacks, modchips, tosp flashing and tons more.
noob: I want to mod my Xbox, how do I do that?
Xbox expert: go read the tutorials at Xbox-scene, dumbass!
by bill gates August 23, 2004
35 24