18 definitions by bill w

This occurs when you burp really loudly , then precede to blow the burp into someones face, often times followed by small bits of food from your freshly eaten lunch.
Christy coulndt stand the force from my stank-chunk trumpet
by Bill W March 23, 2004
This is where two people are having sex in a 69 position, where the bottom belches and blows the belch into the Top persons ass, this usually causes a Hottie Egest.
Dave gave Billy a hot Brownie Keck.
by Bill W May 27, 2004
When someone gets a salad , brings it back to work to eat it, because he cant eat meat (weird catholic thing, I dont get it really), and the salad smells up the whole room with it rank smell.
A smell worse than crotchrot.

Andy that skank salad has my stomach turnin man....
by Bill W March 19, 2004
A strange other worldly device, that when possessed in the right time and place, can get you some really hot wild sex with some really fucking hot chicks.
Sweet, Whats mine say?
by Bill W April 02, 2004

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