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A Spanish expression that when spoken to a woman literally means "how good you are", but is slang for "how sexy you are". One must be careful when using it, as it could be considered rude or impolite, implying "how fuckable you are".
"Que buena estas, chica!"
by Bill Gronos January 22, 2006
Black humor remark of US Air Force pilots when told they have bombed friendly forces.
Those were Canadian troops? - Well fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.
by Bill Gronos July 01, 2009
(transmogrification of expiration)A game of chance where one covers or ignores the expiration date on any refrigerated food out of intense hunger.
I was so hungry last night that I played expir-russian roulette with those ancient smokey links.
by Bill Gronos June 29, 2006
Dancing in an erotic manner where the intent is to get your partner sexually stimulated, perhaps to the point of orgasm. Surreptitious touching of erogenous zones is a key technique of floorplay. Variant of the word forplay.
Bill and Joanna had not yet had sex, which made the floorplay all the more delicious. When nobody was looking, He would grind his pelvic bone against her crotch and slide his hand down to her beautiful bottom.
by Bill Gronos July 19, 2006
A greeting or exclamation used in Costa Rica with no specific definition, but means something equivalent to "ain't it great!", "life is good", "it's all good", "hakuna matata". It is synonymous with the more common expression pura vida, but is much more hip, especially when spoken by a gringo.

When a tico says "Pura vida" to you, emphatically reply "Tuanys!"
by Bill Gronos January 22, 2006
A female poker groupie. Could also apply to other gambling games where spectators stand around the table.
I think that railbird wants to peck at your stack.
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006
A small screwdriver with a fine tip and having a pen clip attached, making it capable of being easily carried in a shirt pocket.

This word originated with US Air Force electronics technicians and is derived from the skill level digit of the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) (example: 30670) where "7" indicates an advanced technician. The idea being that this small screwdriver is used to make precision adjustments to circuit board components such as trim potentiameters that require a higher level of technical skill to perform.
The 15 hertz circuit on the TACAN is a little off. Could I borrow your 7-level to adjust it?
by Bill Gronos July 02, 2009

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