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When multiple jews have orgasms at the same time and all exlaim Mozel tov!
at ones bah mitzva a young (uncircumsized) man finds several horny judaen girls to have orgasms and this would be a jew-bilation!
by bilboe bagginz April 16, 2010
the ability when under the influence or not to detect marijuana in your general area and alert your friends.
Dude my weed-ar detects the stickiest of icky in the vicinity
by bilboe bagginz April 20, 2010
usually someone with attributes of being a vagina/pussy and backing down like a lil bitch... or has very small penis with erectile disfunction as well.
yo bitch yous a lil limp dick ass nikkuh the way you was actin up in that bitch ho!
by bilboe bagginz April 16, 2010
when two deaf people have intercorse and they can't hear eachothers moans so it sounds like retards raping a bird to us.
dude these kids at my school were silent banging in the janitors closet and i knew.... lol
by bilboe bagginz April 16, 2010

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