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To dot someone is to respond to his or her latest message with serveral dots in a row. He or she then becomes dotted.

The dot method is often used to show your lack of interest or displeasment. Common places for this method is Instant Messaging, IRC and mobile text messages.
(IM Conversation)
Person A: Hey man, I just poked my nose!
Person B: ......

Person A just got dotted.
by biiink July 11, 2008
Rough english translation of the swedish word "fjortis", meaning a person with similar lifestyle or behavior as a typical immature fourteen year old. Fourteenies are known for, among other things, their poor knowledge of knowing when to stop drinking alcohol.
- I love fourteenies. They're so easy!
- Stop acting like a fourteeny and take a shower!
by biiink July 11, 2008
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