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1. has seen the rest of the band mostly or copletely naked and has no issues with it
2. walks in time with the music in public places such as stores or amusement parks
3. lives for the 4 hour bus rides to competitions
4. has survived gruelling band camp for 12 hours a day with little food and water
5. has bad tan lines
6. tend to be bisectional
7. are frequently asked if they are gay.
8. get along with theatre kids
9. have issues with chorus kids
10. recognize intruders in the band room aka non-band kids
11. have giant bus orgies
12. all date each other or at least have fwb
13. constantly hum band music
14. know all other sections' parts
15. extremely perverted
16. start all their stories with "this one time at band camp" and then laugh when non band kids think it's funny when they really have no idea how true it is
17. take the time to read all the definitions for band geek and smile at each one knowingly
the sexiest kids in school are def. the band geeks
by bigtubawhore May 14, 2008

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