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When some Cosmopolitan Magazine quiz causes a fight in your relationship causing you to not be able to have sex with your girl.
Girl: "Honey, if you could be any tree what would you be?"
Guy: "I don't know... an Oak tree I guess."
Girl: "Oh really? Well then acccoding to this quiz you're a fucking cheater!"
Guy: "Great, I just got fucking Cosmo Blocked."
#cock block #cockblock #cosmo block #cosmo blocked #cosmopolitan #cock blocked #cock blocker
by bigtimehotshot August 03, 2010
1: A little monkey dressed in funny clothes that dances around next to a clown who is usually playing an accordian or other terrrible musical instrument. 2: An idiot who you only hang out with because his stupid behavior amuses you and you can laugh openly at him.
Nobody really likes that clown monkey PJ, but his stupid antics are fun to laugh at when you're bored.
#clown monkey #clownmonkey #clown-monkey #ass clown #monkey boy #butt monkey #ass monkey
by bigtimehotshot October 18, 2011
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