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A man assumes this title after he has engaged in passionate sex with a partner while listening to music. At any point during the sexual encounter, a sweet amazing badass song will start playing forcing the man to prematurely ejaculate from its pure awesomeness, much to the female's dismay. (because it's only been like six minutes)
Jill: "Oh yeah you like that baby?"
Jack: "Ya that's awesome...oh no....oh no...ohhh"
Journey: "Don't stop belieeeeeving"
Jill: "Jack, are you ok?"
Jack: "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"
Jill: "Cheeky! You Scandinavian Dick Jockey, You!"
by bigplayer69 February 03, 2011
The only way for a woman to regain some dignity after a successful ice dragon is performed on her by a partner. The male performs oral sex for her without knowing that she is on her period. When the male realizes what has been done, the female punches him in the back of the head until blood comes out of his nose and yells "Fire Dragon!"
"Dude, is your nose bleeding?"
"Naw dog, this trick last night gave me a fire dragon."
by bigplayer69 December 06, 2009

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