2 definitions by bigoldfatguy

The act of forcefully smashing another person's anus with your knee, usually when they are bent over. If victim is standing, distributor of said act may grasp victim's shoulders to ensure they won't avoid a vicious Gay Rhino.
Person 1: "Dude my anus still hurts from that gay rhino the other day."
Person 2: "Haha yeah, I really dug my knee up your butt hard."
by bigoldfatguy October 09, 2011
When a man squats over a sleeping person and allows his testicles to sag down to gently lay on top of the closed eyes of said person.
*Person 1* " HA, Barb sure had a nice pair of Egyptian Eye Goggles on last night."

*Person * "Haha yeah bro, Trent gave her eyelids rug burn with those hairy things.
by bigoldfatguy December 07, 2011

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