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Desi literally means local in Hindi, which is the official language spoken in northern India. So desi beat literally means "local beat." It actually refers to beats with northern-Indian influence, or created by northern Indians
"Check out 1xtra's Panjabi Hit Squad on BBC radio for some great desi beats"
by Bigmikesupreme January 12, 2005
An acronym for Bring Back the Chickens. The Chickens were featured in cs_Italy, in versions 1.6 and earlier. CS: Source did away with these chickens, and people got frickin pissed off.

The chickens rocked, seriously. No matter how much you were sucking round to round, you could always count on two kills: the chickens. And they squaked with such a satisfaction even Jenna Jameson can't provide.

We can only hope that one day, the chickens will return to their home, cs_Italy.

by bigmikesupreme November 03, 2004

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