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snakes-the kind of poop that dangles from your butt and is as long as a 1 foot long sub at subway.
easels-when u work so hard on ur poop but u end up with a little portion about as big as my great aunt gretchens mole.
italian sausage-when u go to an italian restuarant and u have a big sausage then u use the bathroom and the poop is mixed wit the sausie sausage.
i love lucy-when u go to the beach and u have to go realy bad so u do it in back of a rock.usauly it ends up bieng black and white or rotten.
sausie poop-when u go to the bathroom and do a poop and u clean ur butt wit a tissue and u find poop juice but u wipe it again and u keep findin poop on the tissue paper.
indian poop-the poop that is sooo skiny and is mixed with spices
this is the surrvey we took and here are the results:
-my friend-i would go with the italian sausage
-brad pit-i would go with the sausie poop because im always running around the studios and my poop gets watery as i run.
these are the resultes for kinds of poop.
by bigmamafan May 16, 2008

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