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The commuter airline branch of American Airlines that mainly flies from its main hubs to smaller cities.
Man, we flew from LAX on a nice ass 757 but when we got to Miami we got thrown on one of those shit ass american eagle airlines atr 72 to fort myers.
by bigjt November 26, 2006
the best hardcore band to ever exist. they have the most wild shows you could ever see. the band uses many different dangerous objects during the shows such a saws, baseball bats, axes, and such. the band also worships the most amazing beverage, olde english 800. the band also believes that always our burden is a bunch of pussies.
ray, i went to a born with steel teeth show last week and i almost got hit in the face with a crowbar.
by bigjt November 26, 2006
an airline that flies 717 and 737s on mainly east coast routes. a few of their routes go out west. they are a reincarnation of valujet. they really need more routes out west.
i got mad head on the air tran lax to atlanta today from some bitch next to me.
by bigjt November 26, 2006
a phrase used by teens in fort myers, florida describing someone who is completely true to their self.
man, mike isn't being a true dude anymore, we asked him to smoke and he told us ali told him he couldn't smoke anymore. what a bitch.
by bigjt November 26, 2006
the ATR72 is built by ATR. American Eagle, the regional airline company of American Airlines under the AMR Corporation, refers to its ATR 72s as "The Super ATRs". These models are twin-turboprop short-haul regional airliners. The ATR 42 seats up to 60 passengers, while the ATR 72 seats 74 passengers. Both aircraft are operated by a two person crew.
I hate flying American Eagle, they fly those shit ATR 72's. I swear those things are such a piece of shit, next time we'll fly Air Tran to Freeport.
by bigjt November 26, 2006

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