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Fiercely independent, adores exotic travel. Can be found admiring beautiful views, relaxing or enjoying a cup of tea.

Loves, loves, loves her friends

Jaynes have a penchant for vodka, music, warm seas and variety; they are usually hyper intelligent, secrectly wild and naughty - always willing to take a walk on the wild side.

Often spotted on the arm of a hot rock star or watersport type.
"I am Jayne, hear me ROAR"
by bighobo February 04, 2010
Someone who initially appears intelligent but is found to act idiotic in the majority of situations.

A Niddy will - act without thinking
Ask the same question more than twice
Not be able to see something directly in front of them
Have a terrible memory
Be extremely clumsy
Overuse telephones
Think that sarcasm is wit

Under no circumstances can a Niddy multitask nor even think and speak at the same time.

Can also be used as an alternative monika for males named 'Christian'.
"OMG, he's such a Niddy! Even though it's cleary written on the packet and I explained it to him 6 times, he's still eaten the bar of laxative chocolate! Niddy!"
by bighobo February 04, 2010

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