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10 definitions by biggoofyguy

The ability to be physically present, and yet be completely undetectable. It is somewhat like a superpower.
A: Where did you come from??
B: I've been here for an hour.
A: No way! You must have Logan Powers!
by BigGoofyGuy April 09, 2005
24 9
Loganic refers to anything that came about because of Logan. It's kinda like organic except centered around Logan.
Combarst is a LOGANIC verbal typo because Logan said it while trying to say combust.
by BigGoofyGuy April 10, 2005
26 15
Apparently schwee is a human concept that is as basic and natural as love. Generally, it is used to express a positive feeling. It could be used to express a pleasant surprise, an awe-inspiring discovery, a happy mood, or it could possibly be used to just say something random and at the same time maintain a positive atmosphere. Some have taken this concept a step farther and thus created schweeishism. People involved in schweeishism are known as schweeites.
A: Dude, check out my new corvette!
B: Schwee...
by BigGoofyGuy April 11, 2005
18 13
A verbal typo is the result of a well meaning person trying to say something coherent but tripping over his or her own mouth in the attempt. Generally, a verbal typo is similar in appearance to the intended word when written down, but when spoken it sounds twisted and often hilarious.
Combarst is a verbal typo of combust
by BigGoofyGuy April 10, 2005
6 3
Combarstion is a cross between implosion, explosion, death, vanishing, and bursting into flames. It is usually used to refer to some unexplained phenomenon. The word originated as a Loganic verbal typo.
(see definitions for 'Loganic' and 'verbal typo')
A: Where did Bob go? He was here a minute ago.
B: I dunno... he must have combarsted
by BigGoofyGuy April 09, 2005
4 1
When in reference to a living object, the object is large, goofy, has large hair, and wears loud clothing
dude, i met a brinker in the dance club.

where were you, the disco place?
by BigGoofyGuy July 06, 2004
9 7
Schweeishism is a philosophy dedicated to making the concept of schwee a part of one's everyday life. See schweeites
1st law of schweeishism: be random and enjoy it
by BigGoofyGuy April 11, 2005
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