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a derogatory representation of any one from eastern asia. mostly used when irrational thought processes are spewed, coated in a thick, incomprehensable accent.
"please to be telling me why dur-de-dur-udr-duh dur-dur-dur da dur...."
Shut up beedey head!!!
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
cum you idiot!
I unloaded a nut lunger on your mom's back last night that nearly hit her bald spot.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
When a female spews deragatory remarks in response to a male's actions or words. It can be a constant condition, or brought on by the onset of mensturation.
(female) "you just go out and drink beer with those asshole friends of yours while I am home doing the laundry!"
(male) "shut up bitch, don't give me any of that cuntlip!"
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
A woman's genitalia.pussy,cooter,poontang
Also slang for a cute Chick.
1. Dude, I just gotta get me some Boonya tonight!
2. Yo,ya'll, check out all the Boonya in this place!
by biggdogg December 27, 2005
The amount of pain one is willing to endure in the pursuit of white, striaght teeth. It ususlly occurs at the dentist's office.
The amount of dentrifice was extremely high, as she had teeth that could open canned vegitables.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
The act of intercourse preformed in close quarters.
I took your mom to the drive-in, we got to scrumpin before the previews.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003
A gathering of deadheads,all with a lost look on their stoned faces, often wandering in small, circular patterns while playing hackey sack.
I went to the park, and had to beat a path thru the granola.
by biggdogg September 04, 2003

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