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A date in which a girl goes out with a Polish-American guy with a muscular body and a huge dick.
Most girls who know what's good for them can't wait for a polish date.
by biggdawgg August 20, 2009
the act of dropping a load of hot shit on a girl's face, then ejaculating on her.
Her ultimate fantasy is a dirty german gang bang, where she will be covered in ten guys' stinking loads.
by biggdawgg August 20, 2009
A racist slang term. A variation of felching, in which the man retains the semen in his mouth, then transfers it to the woman's mouth. She then swallows the mixture of saliva, semen, and anal fluid.

Origin: the idea that the Irish will eat anything when drunk, and that Irish women always do what their men tell them to do.
She's so sick, she begs guys to do the dirty irishman with her until she pukes up crap and cum.
by biggdawgg August 20, 2009
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