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A term in which during a road trip in the middle of nowhere when a person has to go & there is no rest areas nor travel centers around for miles.
Mom: Stop the car! Little Timmy has to go!!

Uncle Ray: Well looks like we got to make a Roadside nature call pitstop since there is not anything around for miles!
#pitstop #bathroom #nature #rest area #highway
by bigg3469 June 07, 2009
Acronym for "No Cussing Or Swearing Club" AKA the NCC or No Cussing Club a so-called club thought up by a 14 year old sissy from Pasadena California in a fruitless attempt to keep people from "cussing" or "swearing" in public..
Dave: Are you planning to go to the N.C.O.S.C meeting after class?

Steve: Hell no!!
#ncc #cussing #vocablary #free speech #language #swearing
by bigg3469 June 07, 2009
Anime that is exclusively made for Pre-K or Pre School viewers & are usually viewed on Pre K/Pre school programming.
On many pre school or Pre-k Programs on Japanese TV There are "fillers" known a Little Anime segments that feature either the animated adventure of he live action host or hostess of a animated music video of pre-k/ preschool songs.
#anime #television #japan #pre-k #pre school
by bigg3469 June 04, 2009
AKA Westernized. What certian animation companies do by getting the broadcasting rights for Japanese Anime or any other non English speaking animated series by (a) Changing certain characters so in wouldn't offend veiwers ,
(b)changing the entire storyline by Americanizing or Westernizing it including references to local food,culture, or language (c) Elimiating all or most of the original signs or other aspects of the animation's "home language" or replacing it with garbled translations,(e) changing the original score with a very shoddy music score that is not worth listening to, (g) changing character name from there oringinal language to more americanized or westernized versions (i.e. Hiroshi= Henry) & (g) taking out or severing certain scenes that might frighten or "traumatize" younger viewers or no showing or banning the episode all together due to the contents that the episode has.
4kids Entertainment, & the now defuncted DiC productions & Saban Entertainment were well known of Americanizing such shows as One Piece, Sailor Moon, Maple Town, Samurai Pizza Cats, Hallo Spencer, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, & many others.
#cartoons #anime #international #4kids #television #programs
by bigg3469 June 03, 2009
Someone whose singing is truly bad (or worst) preforming by singing (or murdering) the national anthem of the United States of America.
Roeeanne Barr & the animated stars of the 4Kids entertainment company are two well known television personalities whose rendition of the Star Spangled Banner will be forever known as the "Star Mangled Banner".
#united states #national anthem #roseanne barr #4kids #singing
by bigg3469 June 02, 2009
A zealot group of worshippers that forms a "Chirstian" church but does not follows the principles & teachings of the Christian church & uses the "church" as a "storefront" for cult like activity.
The Westboro Baptist Church is a cultristian church in which the Bapist & Calvinst churches broke ties with because of thier "Teachings".
#westboro #baptist #christian #hate groups #homophobicscalvinist
by bigg3469 May 19, 2009
A type of Vegan cusine that is Kosher for the Jewish Comunity.
Is Nana Bubbie planning to serve some Vegankosh food for this Passover?
#vegan #kosher #food #jewish #holidays
by bigg3469 April 02, 2009
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