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121 definitions by bigg3469

Animals who live in a enviroment that are not cooped up in cages.
Several resturants are now using meats that are coming from free range farms.
by bigg3469 March 29, 2009
(1) The preferred term for ANYONE who is a hard working member of a high school, college or university marching band.

(2) any marching band member who also plays varsity sports for their school.
Wow!! Those Band Jocks are working very hard for their upcoming halftime show!!
by bigg3469 March 21, 2009
A variation of Oh My God
Omagawd! Like you can't be serious!
by bigg3469 March 19, 2009
A term used when a division 1 college football team schedule a game with a division 1a college football team.
The Final Score of this Body Bag Game is University of Oregon 84 Southern Utah 0!
by bigg3469 October 02, 2011
Horror stories that originated from Japan from the time of the Edo period to the Menji period AKA as Kwaidan folktales in which ghostly spirits AKA the Yueri seek vengeance on thier tormenters.
There was a classic J-horror film in the 1960's about a peasant woman who murdered Samurai warriors in vengeance for her son's death by trapping them & killing them & stealing a demon's mask from a dying Samurai & putting on the mask to terrorize her wayward daughter from seeing antother farmer (whom she hated) but didn't realized that the mask was cursed was stuck on her fack as vengence for her crimes & as she tried to chase after her terrified daughter, the peasant woman fell into her own booby trap & paid for her crimes..
by bigg3469 May 26, 2009
When someoee unknowning raises thier voice while using thier cell phone.
Duuuude! Don't cell yell I can hear you perfectly!!
by bigg3469 April 04, 2009
AKA Westernized. What certian animation companies do by getting the broadcasting rights for Japanese Anime or any other non English speaking animated series by (a) Changing certain characters so in wouldn't offend veiwers ,
(b)changing the entire storyline by Americanizing or Westernizing it including references to local food,culture, or language (c) Elimiating all or most of the original signs or other aspects of the animation's "home language" or replacing it with garbled translations,(e) changing the original score with a very shoddy music score that is not worth listening to, (g) changing character name from there oringinal language to more americanized or westernized versions (i.e. Hiroshi= Henry) & (g) taking out or severing certain scenes that might frighten or "traumatize" younger viewers or no showing or banning the episode all together due to the contents that the episode has.
4kids Entertainment, & the now defuncted DiC productions & Saban Entertainment were well known of Americanizing such shows as One Piece, Sailor Moon, Maple Town, Samurai Pizza Cats, Hallo Spencer, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, & many others.
by bigg3469 June 03, 2009