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A vegan who is very extreme with their lifestyles.
Pammy is so uber vegan, she only serves Tofurky for Thanksgiving.
by bigg3469 March 19, 2009
Short for DeadBeat Order usually a customer who doesn't have enough cash or has enough finances in thier credit card or ATM/Debit-EBT card
We got another cart full of DBOs to be place back to the shelves.
by bigg3469 January 13, 2012
(1) A mythical little craeture
which were the scourge to pilots in World War II.
(2) A popular car made by AMC Motors back in the 1970's.
(1) A cartoon starring Bugs Bunny had him at odds with a Gremlin who wanted to sabatoge a bomber plane.

(2) Man! You're STILL driving that gremlin?
by bigg3469 March 30, 2009
(1)A "term" that is used by a lot of paranoid UNAMERICAN sissies who have no knowledge causing the ban on all fireworks including the "safe & sane ones"
in general. Note not all states or areas has banned fireworks in general.

(2)Banned fireworks such as Cherry Bombs,Silver Salute, M-1000s 1/2 sticks of Dynamite etc that can cause great or mortal damage.
Man this Forth of July gonna sucks! The state police just ticketed me for having illegal fireworks & too them away!
by bigg3469 March 24, 2009
(1)Any dog which is crossbred with another canine species with other crossbreeders BUT it does not includes dogs that are forcefully BRED IN A "PUPPY MILL" with other dog including inbreeding with the mother dog & any other dog from the same litter.

(2) a type of dog which was formally known as a "Mutt" or "Mongrel".
Me & my neighbor decided to go to the Designer Dog business by breeding her Poodle with my Cocker Spaniel.
by bigg3469 March 23, 2009
A slang term discribing chidren AKA Yard apes.
So, like what time I'm going to the Freeps house to babysit those rugrats of thiers?
by bigg3469 March 29, 2009
A person who likes to show off their pin collection on their hat or cap.
When I was at the Summer Olympics at Beijing last summer I saw at the pin trading stand a pinhead trading pins with another person.
by bigg3469 March 24, 2009

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