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Someone who's truly in deep deep DEEP trouble with another person or group.
Wanda: You heard about that kid who founded the No Cussing Club enrolling in our high school?

Dex: Yea If he try to tell the upperclassmen or the other students not to cuss he's gonna be Extremely Dead Meat!!
by bigg3469 June 30, 2009
When a dubbing company uses when they don';t want to spend the money on good Voice Over Actors.
4kids enterainment ruined such Anime programs such as One Piece & Yu-Gi-Oh by using 3rd rate VOAs for thier re-dubs in English.
by bigg3469 June 09, 2009
Acronym for "No Cussing Or Swearing Club" AKA the NCC or No Cussing Club a so-called club thought up by a 14 year old sissy from Pasadena California in a fruitless attempt to keep people from "cussing" or "swearing" in public..
Dave: Are you planning to go to the N.C.O.S.C meeting after class?

Steve: Hell no!!
by bigg3469 June 07, 2009
Anime which is based on classic American or Western Literature.
The Anime versions of Little House on the Prarie,The Works Of William Shakespeare, The Jungle Book,Little Women,Anne of Green Gables,Treasure Island,Tom Sawyer,Belle & Sebastian,The Three Musketeers,Heidi,Nobody's Boy & Peter Pan are fine examples of Western Lit Anime.
by bigg3469 June 04, 2009
A weiner that is either made with Soy-based products or Tofu.
EEEW! I hope Pam is not serving wish weiners for the cook out this weekend!
by bigg3469 May 20, 2009
Pigeons of Seagulls that are scavengers either scronging for food that is left behind or rummage thru trash bins for food scraps.
Man! look at that old lady at the parking lot feeding breadcrumbs to those flying feathered rats!!
by bigg3469 May 20, 2009
A zealot group of worshippers that forms a "Chirstian" church but does not follows the principles & teachings of the Christian church & uses the "church" as a "storefront" for cult like activity.
The Westboro Baptist Church is a cultristian church in which the Bapist & Calvinst churches broke ties with because of thier "Teachings".
by bigg3469 May 19, 2009

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