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3 definitions by bigfnmike

A mexican microwave is leaving the rest of your lunch burrito(or other preferrably hot lunch item) on the dashboard of a vehicle in warm/hot weather as to preserve it for continued consumption throughout the day.
I'm getting hungry again cabron, good thing I got the mexican microwave in the Dodge keepin my shit warm while I pick these fuckin strawberries. AYE.
by bigfnmike August 12, 2008
noun: One who has an affinity for a certain facet of popular culture from the past. Namely music, motion pictures, and lifestyle.
I still bump my Depeche Mode records. I'm a devout retromantic...
by BigfnMike September 22, 2009
Kicking back and relaxing at your place of residence.
"Yo shitdick, you hittin' up the bars later?"
"Nah, you poo pusher, I'm homestyle chili tonight".
by bigfnmike July 15, 2010