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When you're checking out a young lady, possibly a schoolie, and she is admittedly hot even for her young age, maybe 18 or under. If you are being creeper and eyeing the girl, you are giving her the creep eye.
Miller was at Taco Bell putting the creep eye on that girl in the cheerleader uniform.
by bigdust13 January 12, 2010
When a guy is checking out a girl who is legitimately of age and beautiful, without her even knowing they are looking at her. Being a little bit of a creeper, but it's cool cause she's old enough.
My buddy and I were giving the Brazilian girl the sneak eye when she was showing off her tattoos and she didn't have a clue.
by bigdust13 January 12, 2010
When a buddy is hanging with you and starts talking to a girl, then throws you under the bus to try and get some from her. He turns his back on his boys to further the chase.
Jake just went sleeper cell on me and Jethro at the bar to get after the married chick.
by bigdust13 January 12, 2010
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