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Can be used as an adverb or adjective to signify emphasis.

1. That movie was so funny it had us straight ROLLIN'.

2. He wouldn't keep his mouth shut so they straight whooped his ass and cut out.

3. Damn, that girl was straight hideous.
#strate #strait #straite #strayt #straigt
by BigDeezy December 31, 2005
When a girl displays signs showing interest in you, but says she's not interested in a relationship right now. Basically, means you are still on the radar, but she's averse to a committed relationship. Also means that you can't seek other women, because you will seem shallow and flighty. Mentally draining situation.
guy 1: "dude did she say yes?"

guy 2: "she was flattered, super nice, and has been showing signs of interest, but can't commit to a relationship"

guy 1: "you're officially in stasis bro"
#relationship #girlfriend #jaded #time #dating
by bigdeezy March 04, 2012
Among other things, "beat" can mean to block a basketball when someone goes for the rim.
Defender: *Swats the ball away* ARRGHHHH! BEAT yo' shit!
#block #swat #defend #rejection #taunt
by BigDeezy August 22, 2006
In slang terms, "black" is used as a term of endearment in the same way that people call each other "dude" or "man". It is a shorthand way of acknowledging an African-American friend, a "black man".
1. Hey whaddup, black, long time no see.

2. Yo black, hook it up with one of those, alright?

3. "Dag y'all, I never understood, black
Why the jocks get the fly girls
And me, I get the hoodrats..."
-- Skee-Lo
#homie #man #dude #whodie #foo
by BigDeezy July 22, 2006
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