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Girl with a nice ample rack and her nipples poppin out.
Ugh-oh, looks like we got some Big Nipples crossin the street over there!
by BigDaddy February 18, 2005
It means dick or cock or penis
It would be sweeter i you covered your Peter
by bigdaddy July 18, 2004
Derived from fistage, to fist someone in a derogatory, degrading way. like 0wn4ge, or pwn4g3.

Assert your supremacy over fellow being.
Man,when my momma slapped yo' daddy, that was real pheestage
by Bigdaddy February 05, 2004
1. to be disloyal to your friends
2. to throw responsibility and common sense to the wayside in the name of fun

Often used to proclaim false greatness in oneself for the above definitions.
I stole his money, Maryland Style.

Here, we party Maryland Style. I got so drunk last weekend that I puked in my bed and slept in it all this week. Yeah, dawg that's Maryland Style.
by BigDaddy November 11, 2004
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