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to be sexually aroused
I was in my apartment with my friend steph. We were going to watch a movie she brought over. she put the movie in and hit play, i was expecting a chick flick, however, it was a porno movie that was in the wrong case. i went to stop it and then steph said no please keep it on so i did. i was so turned on watching it and she could see how much it was turning me on my 12" penis was making a bulge in my pants and i saw her looking. without saying anything she looked at me and then jumped on top of me kissing my lips massaging her tongue with mine. i then slid my head to her neck and began sucking and biting i moved up to her ear and whispered very softly for her to take my pants off and then i nibbled her ear driving her wild. she took my shirt off revealing my rock solid abs and i took her shirt off showing her leopard print bra and her 34C breasts.her boobs were jumping out of her bra so i slowly sexually removed her bra with my teeth. she decided she was then going to do as i asked and remove my pants. she took my zipper in her teeth and slid it down while unbottening them she slid them down slowly. i was so horny and i couldnt take my eyes off her huge breasts. i was sitting on the sofa with my boxers on and she walked to the kitchen and when she came back she was completely naked and her vagina was covered in whip cream.
i was so excited i got up and licked every last bit of whip cream off and ate her out til she orgasmed i then groped her breasts and placed my face in between them and then sucked her nipples. meanwhile she had her hands down my boxers tickling my balls and playing with my long penis.It felt so good i didnt know how to deal with the pleasure.she then started to bend down and pulled my boxers with her so i was naked. i took her head with my hands and moved it towards my penis. she then licked the sides of my penis and licked circles around the tip of my penis and moved all the way back while simutaneously massaging my balls. she did this for an hour until i had orgasmed 15 times. i then layed down with my legs spread and she knealed between my legs and took my fully erect penis in her mouth and deep throated grabbing my balls to push my penis in deeper. i then orgasmed and flipped over so i was on top i slid my penis into her and played with her clitoris with my finger driving her crazy. she climaxed and was having the longest orgasm ever. she was so pleased and so was i. we continued to have sex for an hour. then got dressed because she had to be home. as she was leaving she kissed me and put both her hands down my pants and played with my penis as i put my hands down her pants and squeezed her butt. she turned me on again and she decided to stay overnight. we had oral sex and sex all night long.... im so horny
by bigcock12'' October 06, 2009

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