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when you are really turned on and all you want to do is fuck or masturbate like if youre reading this chances are you are pretty horny, so here is something to jerk off too
jake was walking through the dark,crowded club when he saw her; dressed in thigh high leather boots, a tight miniskirt and black lacy bra, he got horny just looking at her. he started to make his way over to her and the ended up meeting on the dance floor, grinding against each other. jake could feel her ass against his cock and got a massive boner. the girl felt it too and pressed her ass against him as hard as she could, it was so big all she wanted was it inside of her. they were in the corner of the club, he slipped two fingers inside her pussy and she moaned, so he slid them in out in out untill she way crying for more. they made their way into the toilets then he forced her up against the wall, pushed her to her knees and she sucked him off, with his hands on the back off her head forcing her to take him deeper. just as he was about to cum she started to gag, he was that deep. he pulled out and pulled her into a stall. The he started to finger her again under her skirt untill she was screaming "fuck me!!" he made her get on her hands and knees then he shoved his 10" cock up her ass so she could feel his balls with every thrust, it felt so good. he bum-fucked her until she came, then made her stand up and pressed her against the wall. He rammed his dripping cock up into her tight pussy as hard as he could, over and over untill finally he came, covering her in his cum. She got on her knees and licked up every drop.
by bigboy67 April 15, 2011

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