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The most boring place in the world. The only fun thing to do is break laws. This is only fun when you don't get caught. Activities include smoking, drinking, partying, trespassing, cow tipping, ect. Located in a rural setting, where the majority of the population is illiterate. Positive, home to many whootys and kinky people. Since they have to be creative so they don't get bored.
I drove to Chambersburg last night. I had the craziest time, but got bored after one night. I don't understand how people live there.
by bigbootyjudy! January 08, 2011
How you would dance if there was no music playing.

Involves alot of arm swinging and odd body movements.
People who do not have much rhythm tend to be better at this dance move.
Named from Thom Yorke.
I was straight yorkeing it yesterday at work.
Only some people can yorke and not look retarded
by bigbootyjudy! July 18, 2011

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