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11 definitions by bigbird1017

A very popular Irish jig.
We danced the Barack O'Bama when Ted Kennedy was elected President.
by BigBird1017 March 18, 2008
3387 1853
42nd President of the United States, thought to be our first black President because he dated fat white chicks!
Dat gangsta pulls a Bill Clinton every weekend by boning a new fat white chick!
by BigBird1017 March 18, 2008
263 97
Jesse Jackson's pronounciation of the greatest baseball player of all time!
Henry Aaron hit more home runs than Beirut!
by BigBird1017 March 02, 2008
228 86
a penis reminiscent of Bill Gates....it's Micro and Soft
After gym class, Grant always showered with his shorts on...he had a Bill Gates pecker.
by BigBird1017 March 20, 2008
61 5
Specialty frankfurters encased in a skin, resembling a foreskin, with a center of cream cheese, which becomes runny when the frank is hot. To properly consume a Barney's Frank, the diner should first suck the cream cheese out of the frank, then stuff the entire frank down their throat. These franks can only be found in discriminating meat markets in the tenderloin districts of the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC or Boston, MA.
Capitol Page #1: Let's go get some Barney's Franks for lunch!
Capitol Page #2: Yeah, Sabrette's on First Street NE has them!!
by BigBird1017 April 09, 2008
29 10
A top ten song from 1961, recorded by black singer Gene McDaniels, singing about his BLACK girlfriend. Not to be confused with the uncharted sequel song in 1962, where McDaniels sung about his WHITE girlfriend. It was entitled TWO Hundred Pounds of Clay.
Yo, Tyrone and Jamaal double-dated last night. Jamaal had a One Hundred Pounds of Clay chick, while Tyrone had a TWO Hundred Pounds of Clay chick!
by BigBird1017 March 08, 2008
24 7
A popular area in Washington, DC, home to George Washington University. Not to be confused with Faggy Bottom, an area in Washington, DC near Dupont Circle!
To get to GWU, take the Metro Orange Line to the Foggy Bottom station.

To get to Faggy Bottom, take the Metro Red Line to Dupont Circle.

by BigBird1017 March 31, 2008
29 19