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4 definitions by bigballofyarn

Similar to ROFL-Waffle. Just another silly and pointless internet term.
WTF Tomato, my boss is a jerk today.
by bigballofyarn February 11, 2009
A bad driver.
You're driving along and someone cuts you off, so you scream "DAMN SKUZ."
by bigballofyarn February 15, 2009
To tailgate so excessively that you almost repeatedly smack into the car in front of you.
Passenger: Hey watch it, you almost butt crunched that car!!
by bigballofyarn September 09, 2009
A "pool boy" is literally a servant who cleans pools.

The slang definition is a man who is a pushover and cleans up everyone else's mess. He takes crap from everyone, and lets people take advantage of him.
Gee, Robert is pool boy, I can make him do anything and not give him anything in return.

by bigballofyarn February 22, 2008