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when a girl eats a whole bunch of mints then gives you a blowjob. The mints need to be strong.
Man last night at that party this girl gave me a pepermint faddy and i came so hard.
by big8red8 January 07, 2011
When you have more than 5 guys and one girl. All of the guys cum in her mouth and then spin her around, while spinning around the girl spits the cum all over the guys.
bro last night me and my friends had the best community shower session.
by big8red8 January 15, 2011
right before you climax and cum, you send a small bolt of electricity, just enough to give you a little sting through your body. this will make your cumming and hers very shocking. WARNING A SMALL SHOCK WILL DO THE TRICK YOUR COULD BE INJURED IF YOU DO MORE THAN A LITTLE. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ELECTRICITY YOU HAVE DONT DO IT. I AM NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR DEATH.
Bro last night i tried electrical cum, it fucking made my bitch cum like 5 times
by big8red8 January 07, 2011

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