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A "strobl walkthrough"
To move with extreme stealth, Man! that stroble type dude has his head in the clouds and his pecker in his hands as he glides through the pee pee touches hood! The villains cower and turn their pants the other way around, bighting on a plastic spoon!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
Nickname for jail kitchen workers who wear white coveralls.
Here comes the giant sperms up from the kitchen. Time to strip search them and check their butts for shanks..
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
Another name for a pantie liner. (with or without wings.)
Yo woman! your dam pussy hammock are stuck to the inside of the cloths dryer again!
If you washed and re-used them, say about six times you would save oodles of money!!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
Whore high: School of hard sux
Where the real CLIFFordHANGER sucks on the hamsters plonka, Ya, thats whore high alright!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
According to "Guppies book of surnames" now out of print. The name Hollister means: "Son of a female brothel keeper."
I must tell my mother what our name(Hollister) means.
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
R.O.D. "retired on duty." Someone who does as little work as possible, acts like he as already retired.
Man, that lazy bastard R.O.D. thinks he as aleady retired. Problem is, he still gets a pay check each week!!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
One of the largest manufactures of breast pumps in the USA.
Ok woman stick that little brat onto the Hollister breast pump... SUCKER!!!
by big-dick-brit October 01, 2006
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