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1. The American flag
2. The greatest energy drink ever made
Dont let Ol Glory touch the ground you Un-American son of a bitch
by Big Willy Style May 31, 2007
straight edge skateboarding or longboarding
look at that kid skating while not smoking weed, he must be skate edge
by Big Willy Style May 31, 2007
when you put a sticker or tape a design over your skin before you go tanning. the result is that your later left with a pale white tatoo from what the sun couldnt tan.
Pascal: dude, did you see that white skull on jacobs arm?
Fred: ya man, that was one pasty-ass tantoo.
by big willy style May 25, 2007
Someone that sucks and is scared to do something that they want people to think they are good at
Kid 1: hey kid with the razor t-shirt on, scooter off that building
Kid 2: no maybe some other time
Kid 1: dude your a pussy poser
by Big Willy Style May 31, 2007
longboarding or skateboarding and hangin out with your friends
screw school screw work, just keep on thrashin
forget that crap, were bro bashin!
by Big Willy Style May 31, 2007
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