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When you have overwhelming belly fat preventing you from being able to witness your own genitals. Also known as your spare tire.
That fattys got a bad case of dunlop disease
by big willy mcClain April 27, 2006
The act of urinating in a bottle while driving. then throwing it out the window for convicts to clean up.
"pull over i gotta pee" " no way man road piss it"
I have to pee i better just roadpiss!
by big willy mcClain April 27, 2006
The taint saw is when you make a fist and stick your thumb in the air while making engine sounds. To taint saw another person your run up sneakily while making the engine sounds and jab your thumb into their taint and move it around very rapidly then yell taint saw.
Someone yelling" (insert your state,hometown,etc) taint saw massacre"
Example: Pennsylvania taint saw massacre
by big willy mcClain April 27, 2006
A Mudbut is a small mythical woodland creature found in rural central Pennsylvania. This creature is slightly smaller than a cat and extremely fuzzy. To see this animal would remind you of a koala bear mixed with a household cat. It gains its name by the sound it makes which is in a very highpitched light voice it say "mudbut"
Holy crap there's a mudbut!
by big willy mcClain April 27, 2006

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