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The most gangsta school in Baltimore County. Where weaves get torn out, jaws get busted, and drugs get sold.

Most of the girls have flamboyant multicolored weaves (usually blue and black braids) in their hair, loud & obnoxious voices, and a love for talking shit about other girls. As for the guys, they're either some of the hardest gangstas outta B-More, or the most athletic "afa-leete" on the team (whether they play football, basketball, or run track).

There's also a few white students, here and there. Though, even a lot of them think they're gangstas.
Student 1: "Oh chill. Here come dat nigga Tre. He da biggest bitch in Overlea."
Student 2: "I hear dat nigga's a faggy, yo."
Student 1: "Word? I'm bout ta bang him in his mouf."
Student 2: "Oh nigga! You widlin'."
Student 1: "BRRRRRRRAT! B's up, nigga!"
by big white boy October 02, 2006

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